Community Concerns

The Durham Regional Police Service Community Concerns reporting system is for concerns of ongoing negative behaviour or activity in your community. Concerns that you are able to report include traffic violations at one location, loitering activity at public parks or plazas, illicit drug use, alcohol consumption in public place or any ongoing activity that affects the enjoyment of your community.

Driving complaints involving specific vehicles should be reported to Road Watch located under Online Services.

Community concerns online reporting mandatory requirements:

  • You MUST provide your name AND address
  • You MUST provide a valid email address
  • You MUST provide a valid telephone number
  • You MUST provide your date of birth
  • You MUST provide your gender
  • You MUST disable your computerís pop-up blocking software before you may proceed

Please note:

  • Filing a false police report is a criminal offence.
  • You may be contacted by email or telephone if further information is required

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