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Welcome to the Durham Regional Police’s Vulnerable Persons Registry. The purpose of the Registry is to ensure that Durham Regional Police can locate you or your loved one quickly and safely in the event they go missing. Our service does this by gathering information that will help coordinate search efforts and reduce search times.

Our goal is also to ensure that you are aware of the Community Partners available to assist with wandering behavior. There is a safety sheet provided by the Alzheimer Society of Durham that lists tips on dealing with wandering behavior. Links to our Community Partners are listed below.

Who can register?

  • Any person with a form of dementia;
  • Any person having mental acuity deficiencies wherein the person cannot appreciate their surroundings and recognize the inherent dangers of environmental circumstances they find themselves in;
  • Any elderly person who is not medically diagnosed with a form of dementia, but by virtue of a mental infirmity causes him/her to wander and is a safety danger to themselves or others
  • A resident of Durham Region. If you reside in another area please refer to your local Police Service or Alzheimer Chapter for information on services available.

How do you register?

Registration is available online from the Durham Regional Police website. It is available in English only at this time. You complete the registration by answering questions and attaching a photo. When you have answered the questions you can submit your registration. It is then reviewed by Durham Regional Police and when approved you will receive an email with a confirmation or report number. Please note if additional information is needed then you will be contacted by an officer. Registration clinics will be held throughout the year, where assistance will be offered in registering your loved one. Please check our community events calendar or contact the Senior Support Sergeant Detective Sheri TATE.

Benefits of registration

Experience has taught us that people often delay in calling the Police to report a missing person. There are common misconceptions that you have to wait a period of time to report a person missing. It is time consuming to obtain photos and information about the missing person and this can cause a delay in starting the search. A person can walk 6km an hour and any delay can greatly increase the area that has to be searched. By having information and a photo on file Police can immediately coordinate search efforts and commence searching. Our guideline for reporting a wandering person missing is to have the caregiver conduct a thorough search of their residence for 10-15 minutes and then if the person is not located call Police. Remember SEARCH IS AN EMERGENCY!!!!!

Community Partners

Alzheimer Society of Durham Region
Medic Alert –Safely Home
Alzheimer Society of Ontario- Finding your way

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