Durham Regional Police Budget 2023

Durham Regional Council approved the 2023 regional budget on February 28, 2023. The DRPS budget is part of the regional tax base. We have provided an overview of our 2023 budget and strategic operational priorities. 

Budget Increase

The 2023 police budget is a 6.1% increase over 2022. This increase will be used to cover an increase in salary and benefits costs (see right) as well as a variety of strategic operational priorities (see below).

Staffing Costs

The budget costs are made up of approximately 80% in people costs (salary and benefits) and 20% in other expenses, such as debt services, capital, maintenance, computer operations and materials.

Cost to Residents

The average homeowner in Durham Region pays $78 a month for policing, which includes everything from emergency response to law enforcement, and crime prevention to victim support. 

Investing in the Durham Regional Police

The 2023 budget is providing funding for a number of key strategic operational priorities, as well as: 

  • 20 new front-line constables to address the growing demands for policing in this rapidly growing Region
  • 11 Detective Constables to support our Forensic Investigative and Intelligence Units
  • 10 new civilian members that are crucial to supporting both our operational and administrative units

Strategic Operational Priorities Highlights

Funds will support our established Internet Child Exploitation Unit dedicated to detecting and investigating computer-based crimes that exploit children. These crimes include possessing, accessing and making available child pornography.

This funds the final year of a three-year roll-out program to provide training and body-worn cameras to all our front-line members. Body-worn camera footage provides valuable insight that can legitimize officer-public interactions, provide evidence in court, or offer an unbiased alternative to allegations of misconduct. For more information on this program, click here. 

Creation of an Older Adult Investigative & Support (OAIS) Unit to ensure older adults who are the victims of abuse are appropriately and adequately supported by DRPS and community partners. 

For a detailed breakdown of the Durham Regional Police Service's 2023 budget, click below.

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