Vehicle Theft Prevention Tips

While there is no guaranteed prevention against vehicle theft, you can take the following precautions

• Always ensure your vehicle is locked and take the keys with you

• Always park in a well lit area and/or locked garage

• Never leave an unattended vehicle running with keys inside

• Consider anti-theft devices, such a as steering wheel lock or collar

• Never hide a spare key inside your vehicle or outside your home

• When not in use, place your key fob inside a radio frequency shielding pouch (Faraday Bag) to block cell signals

• Never place/hang or leave keys directly inside the front door or near windows

• Consider placing keys on your bedside table, as long as it’s not near a window The key fob can also be activated as an alert alarm, if you hear or see suspicious activity outside your home at night

DRPS Lays 55 Charges in Vehicle Theft Incidents

A joint police investigation has resulted in the seizure of more than $2.5 million in stolen vehicles and 11 people arrested. Project Redstart was initiated because of the high number of vehicle thefts occurring daily within our community.

 Learn more about Project Redstart here.

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