A message from Chief Moreira

A message from Chief Moreira

In my short time as Chief, I have been impressed and proud of the amazing work being done throughout this Service. The quantity and quality of work as well as the dedication of our members has been outstanding.

When I accepted this role, I wanted to focus on community-centric policing and had identified 3 top priorities that include trust, enhancing strategic relationships that support community safety and well-being and the continued modernization and improvement of the Service.

To that end, we are moving forward with an organizational review called DRPS: Forward. Together. and will be making changes that support those principles. We want to ensure that our processes and investments are supporting community-centric policing and ensuring as a Service we are focused on doing the work that only police can deliver. While at the same time we will work closely with our partners on those complex issues where public health and public safety may overlap.  We want the right people, at the right place, at the right time to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for our community and will continue . We also want to ensure that we are investing in our members in a way that will inspire and collectively make us better.

Initially this work is focused on the frontline, as this is the most visible part of our Service and the one that has the most direct contact with our communities and the citizens we serve. We will continue to engage and update our communities, organizational stakeholders and our members on this work as we move forward, together.


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