DRPS Fraud Investigator Receives Award

Congratulations to DRPS D/Cst. Laura Middleton for receiving the International Association of Financial Crimes Investigators (IAFCI) Law Enforcement Officer of the Year – Central Canada Award. This award recognizes individuals for their investigative pursuit, dollar value; number of suspects/cases; recovery of property / cards; prosecution and conviction; restitution; and professional skills. 

D/Cst. Middleton was recognized for her tireless efforts following an increase in the fraud known as the Grandparent or Emergency Scam. This scam targets seniors; the fraudster phones and advises that a grandchild or family member has been in an accident and requires money to get out of jail or avoid charges. Unsuspecting victims agree to pay and the fraudster arranges for pick-up, usually from their home. 

To help prevent further victims, D/Cst/ Middleton launched a partnership with the DRPS Financial Crimes Unit, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) and 211 to role out a fraud prevention and education initiative. 211 Navigators are now able to provide support, advice and referrals to anyone suspecting they may be a victim or target of fraud. The service is available 24-hours- a-day, seven days a week by calling 211.

She also launched a media campaign bringing awareness of Grandparent Scams to the public in an effort to prevent further victims.  She appeared on CTV News, Global News and Rogers TV on several occasions. You can view her most recent interview here

If you receive a call from someone claiming one of your loved ones is in trouble and requires money – do not provide them with any information or money. The police/courts will never attend someone’s residence to pick up cash. Call 211 or the police.


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