2023 Older Adults Police Academy

2023 Older Adults Police Academy

DRPS hosted its Older Adults Police Academy where the goal is to create ambassador’s for DRPS by sharing the knowledge that they learned with others in the community about issues affecting seniors.

The week long academy began back in 2019 and has been a great success. Attendees will gain a better understanding of the DRPS, the services we provide and the decisions we make, often in an emergency or crisis. The Spring 2023 program wrapped up on Friday May 5th, and received 75 applicants for 19 positions.

The academy included demonstrations, presentations and participant interactions. Topics included:

  • Personal, Home and Travel Safety
  • Communications 911 Unit (Operational Training Centre Tour)
  • K-9 and Tactical Support
  • Fraud Awareness and Protection
  • Power of Attorney and Last Will
  • Forensic Identification Unit
  • Electronic Crimes
  • Use of Force
  • Defense Tactics
  • Body Worn Camera

Participants had questions for our presenters and were engaged in all aspects of the program. Feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive.

“I loved it all! Well designed and extremely well executed.  Kudos to all who contributed”

“Everything was excellent and informative.  Presented by articulate, interesting people who so obviously care tremendously”

“I enjoyed all of the presentations, the level of expertise was excellent”

“Excellent all around”

“Thank you so much for this program.  You taught us a tremendous amount about the work of the DRPS, and the heart of the people who work for the safety and protection us all.  Thank you”

“Great event and great leadership and presenters.  Very informative”

“Many thanks to all that made this week possible.  So thrilled that I was selected”

“This was such an amazing week, I cannot thank you enough for your efforts in organizing and sharing every day”

"For me, most of all, the week also gave me a small insight into the hearts of all of you who work for the DRPS. Like most people, I saw police as "those people in uniforms" who always seemed a little distant and arms length; a necessity for the challenging work that you do. But last week, you allowed us to see the "humans" behind the bullet-resistant vests and gear, and you showed us courage, dedication and a deep commitment to the people you serve.
Many thanks for the OAPA program, and most of all, for the work you do every day. Many of us have worked in jobs that we considered demanding and stressful, but I have to say that I never feared for my safety or my life while on the job! Nor did I have to face the dark side of human nature on a regular basis. Thank you for doing what most of us could not do."

We would like to thank all participants and members who presented to this session, as well as Chief Moreira, Inspector Brown and project sponsor Sergeant Williamson for their attendance and ongoing support.

Older Adults Police Academy wouldn't be the success it was without the dedication and set up from Heather Turner, Jenny Burnett, Jim Aquin and Martin Franssen, thank you!

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