Four-Point Plan to Address Systemic Barriers

In addition to our Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan, DRPS has made a commitment to addressing systemic racism, with a Four-Point Plan.

The Province mandates the collection of race-based data for 'Use of Force' interactions, solely. While this is important, it represents a small portion of the approximately 500,000 calls for service that we participate in each year. We have made the decision to expand the collection and analysis of race-based data, to other police-public interactions. 

To see the findings on Use of Force Race-Based Data, click here. 

Interested members of the community are participating in recruitment and promotion interviews and in policy review. It is important to open our doors and let the residents of this Region, whom we serve, see how we make decisions about who leads, who gets hired, and how we manage internal processes.

The DRPS Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) is currently involved in this items. To learn more about DAC, click here. 

Annually, we will ensure members complete equity and inclusion-related training programs, so that we are continually refreshed on these skills.

We have launched an internal demographic census of the composition of our organization, in order to identify any areas of disproportionality and disparity, including in leadership, promotions, and career opportunities. We will ensure that we are practicing what we preach in becoming an equitable and inclusive organization.

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